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Two dogs sitting next to each other behind a gate.

Huff's is a family business and was started by a pair of siblings that love their dogs like family and want to help other dog owners.  They know what it's like to care for dogs that have problems related to their age.  Those siblings, Faith and Kyle, have had their dogs on rose hip for a while now and the difference is night and day. 


Before starting his dogs on rose hip, Kyle took his 9 year old Rottweiler to the vet because he was having trouble walking, and would sometimes collapse.  They took x-rays and discovered that poor Rocky had a torn ACL, and that was the cause of the issues.  He was told that Rocky was too heavy for surgery and would have to lose a lot of weight, and even then the surgery would be very hard on him at that age.  The vet said that there were some medications available for pain management that would at least keep him comfortable (Rocky was in some pain) but that they were expensive, and recommended Aspirin instead, as needed.


Upon hearing this news, Faith recommended that Kyle try some rose hip powder, as she had worked with horses in the past that had used it, and it was good for cartilage and joints, as well as overall wellbeing.  After just a couple of weeks, instead of barely being able to stand and walk, Rocky now had a new zest for life and was pulling on his leash and walking faster and more confidently than he had in a long time.  Because it works so well for Rocky, Kyle also gives it to his younger Rottweiler, Reva.


Faith also uses rose hip for both of her dogs, Pancake and Canella, and has had similar successful results.  The product works so well we decided to start a business selling it!  We have begun giving out some samples to friends and family to try, in the hopes that they will love it as much as we do and eventually become our customers and also refer their friends to try it too!  We are also working on some distribution channels which will hopefully allow our products to appear on the shelves of retail stores near you soon...  If you are interested in carrying our product in your retail store, please contact us.

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