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All of our products come with a scoop for dosage that is equal to 4.5g by weight and 1/2 tablespoon by volume.  So, if you ever lose your scoop, it's pretty easy to figure out your dosage with a scale or a measuring spoon. 


We recommend a 30-day "loading dose" when you first start your pet on our product.  After 30 days, you can reduce the dosage by half.  If you find that after going to the lower maintenance dose that the product is not working as well as it was before, you can give your pet a little bit more than the recommended dosage.  Think heaping scoopfuls here, not double the dosage.


If you have a large dog, we recommend getting the 10oz or 20oz size.  The 5oz size is really only suitable for a small to medium size dog as you want to make sure you have enough product to make it through the 30-day loading dose.


It may take some experimentation to get it exactly right.  Our dosage guidelines are just that...guidelines.  There are no known side-effects, but it doesn't make sense to waste product you don't need to use in order to achieve the desired result.


Our product is not for human consumption.  It is for animals only.

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